Selfie time at the Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford.


summary - 

If you don't want to read my life story below, I shall summarise here.

  • I know what I'm doing

  • You can trust me to do it

  • I work hard without fuss

  • Your wedding is about you not me

  • I won’t take over your wedding day

  • I have professional gear 

  • I have backup professional gear

  • I love doing what I do

  • If I say I will be there, you can count on it

  • I love weddings (not all wedding photographers do!)

  • I talk and write in plain English, no clap trap.

  • I am insured

  • I have an enhanced DBS certificate


about me.

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I was born in a small town on the edge of Greater Manchester and have lived in the region my whole life apart from three years at university. I'm married with three children, two boys and a girl. I have spent the last 10 years or so raising my family and living in Bolton. My Grandad gave me my first camera, which he believed was broken,  when I was about 8 years old. Within 10 minutes of messing about with it I had somehow fixed it and I was hooked.


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So, in a nutshell, A week after finishing university, I started working in a photo processing laboratory developing people's holiday snaps and putting those little oval stickers advice labels on. All the while, I was taking photos in my spare time, and developing an eye for detail, learning about exposure, lighting, and composition, ending up setting up my own business as a full time photographer. I can honestly say that my love for photography is still growing after all these years.


WHY CHOSE ME? - the important bits

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In addition to having spent over 20 years amassing skills and learning photographic techniques, I still have bags of enthusiasm. I'm not talking about running around your wedding herding your guests, getting you to swing on a tree branch or buzzing over your head with a drone. I'm talking about the desire to get my pictures perfect every time, I evaluate myself frequently and am an active member in photographic communities, where I share my knowledge and also develop it. I'm current and develop my style to suit your needs.

But most importantly, your wedding day is about you. I will capture whatever you want me to capture, the way you want me to capture it. I will record your day with great attention to detail, I will capture the emotions, the tears, the laughter,  the stories within the main story. When you look back through the images I have taken for you, the timeline of the day will flow beautifully and seamlessly from start to finish.