No fuss. No stress. No hassle, just beautiful honest photography. 

My name is Jason, and I genuinely love being a wedding photographer. When I started Heaton Wedding Photography, my philosophy was simple. Focus on delivering the best images possible for you, with the least amount of fuss. I have the experience and the equipment to get it right first time, every time. Your big day is about the two of you, your families, your friends and the interactions between you. Scroll down the page and you will see why when you book Heaton Wedding Photography, it can be as easy as A,B,C!


 Weddings are never the same, we wouldn’t want them to be.

Every single wedding is unique, and that’s a good thing. You have spent months planning it, right down to the last detail. As such, you need a wedding photographer who is alert and aware of what is happening and more importantly, what is about to happen. You don’t get second chances, the moment happens, and it has to be captured or it is gone forever.

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Confetti is making a comeback. And whilst the church warden may not be so pleased about it, I am really happy. As well as the shot for the album, I always send you the pictures of you trying to get it out of your mouth or from down your neck!

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The Build Up


I love the build up to the ceremony. The nerves, the adrenalin, the bridal party making their last minute preparations. Here this young man is racing into church to tell everyone that the bride has arrived.

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These two girls just loved to dance. They danced in the corridors, they danced after the ceremony, they danced after dinner, and they danced at the disco. It is important to capture these side stories to a wedding, as its often the first time the happy couple get to see them.

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The formals


Whilst often the trickiest part of the day, you can relax as I take all the pressure off you. I will assemble your guests politely and efficiently and we can rattle through your formal shots with the minimum of disruption, all whilst having a laugh and a joke at the same time.

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Dresses and details

 Dresses, bags, flowers, hats, brooches, buttonholes, shoes, rings, all get recorded in great detail on the day. I will even take a photo of the food! If it stays still long enough, I will get a photo of it.

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I love watching how the two parties get ready for the ceremony. The men are usually struggling with top buttons and ties, whilst the ladies are a blur of activity with hairdryers and make up artists.

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I will speak with your officiator prior to your wedding and take a note of their expectations and note where i can position myself for your ceremony. I will photograph your room before the ceremony, and capture all the little details you spent so long getting just right.

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I make a visit to your venue before the big day. I speak with your suppliers and they talk me through the plan for the day. I take test shots, light readings, and many notes. This enables me to be completely ready for your wedding and nothing is left to chance.

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I capture the story as it unfolds. My experience has taught me how to anticipate what is happening and what is about to happen.

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Most of the best images taken at weddings are not posed. They are simply people enjoying themselves, being caught up in the moment,

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Whilst the style of weddings has become a lot more relaxed over the past few years, there is still demand (normally from the parents) for at least a few formal shots that they can put on the mantlepiece.

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My photos will portray the bond and the love between the happy couple. Whether it is an action shot like this one, or a more serene moment shared between the two of you.

Based in Bolton, will travel beyond!

Whilst I primarily work within the North West of England, I will be more than happy to travel to your wedding. I can even travel overseas for destination weddings.